Pension advisory

We help you in your retirement process by providing tips and advice, in order to improve your french pension rights and help you make the best decisions.


Essor Retraite specialises in pension advisory : 

  • Pension forecasts and simulations based on several ages,
  • Checking of pension quarters and pension points,
  • Reporting  errors in pension calculations,
  • Optimising periods of overseas working, CFE (Social security body for French Citizens Abroad), Community pension
  • Situations : unemployment, disability, …


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Essor Conseil is a consulting office specializing in pension advisory and will answer all of your questions. We provide wide variety of services from pension forecasts to global pension training.


If you do not have time to look into regulation and lose time waiting on the phone to get information. We relieve you of most of the administrative formalities.


Our specialists assist you in all pension schemes :

  • Employees pension scheme (CNAV),
  • Pension scheme for traders and craftsmen (RSI),
  • Pensions schemes for independant workers (CARMF, CAVEC, CIPAV),
  • Retirement strategy for expatriates,
  • Case of pensioners with multiple pension schemes.